Viali Supreme Eau de Parfum Sample Vial

Viali Supreme Eau de Parfum Sample Vial

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Derived from the Latin supremus, meaning “that is above”. Magnetic and charismatic, this scent is truly a scent which soars above others. The initial fresh, spicy notes hides its shadowy, mysterious nature.

The night blooming tuberose is legendary due to its aphrodisiac qualities. Its characteristic, exuberant perfume is softened by jasmine, the flower of the moon.

The solidity of musk, the charm of sandalwood and the voluptuousness of amber come together in an incomparable, enigmatic fragrance.

Perfume Notes:

Top notes: 
Jasmine, Patchouli

Middle notes: 
Pink Pepper

Base notes: 
Amber, Musk